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ABPM Board Certified Addiction Specialist

Dr. Mark F. Towns M.D, FASM, is a highly experienced and double-board certified Addiction Fellow who has dedicated his career to helping individuals struggling with addiction. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan Medical School, a Harvard Clinical Fellowship, and UC Berkeley. Dr. Towns' compassionate and individualized approach to treatment has helped many clients achieve lasting success in their recovery.

In addition to being a specialist in addiction treatment, Dr. Towns provides professional consults for registered nurses (RNs) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), as well as expert witness services and assessments for early evaluation for termination of probation for healthcare professionals.

He is pre-approved by the Board of Registered Nursing and the Emergency Medical Services Authority to provide mental and physical health evaluations for RNs and EMTs. Dr. Towns is also a highly skilled hospitalist with extensive critical care skills and 17 years of in-hospital experience. 

He is a primary care physician with extensive outpatient experience in his private medical practice and other clinics, providing internal medicine and limited pain management with health maintenance.

At Towns Health Services, Dr. Towns and his team of certified counselors, registered nurses, and mental health specialists work together to provide the highest standard of care to each client. Their belief in personalized care and attention helps them provide clients with exceptional treatment plans that meet their unique needs and circumstances.


As the chief administrator for THS, Dr. Towns has developed a unique addiction program that is both evidence-based and spiritual-based. He believes in Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) for harm reduction and patient benefit. Dr. Towns' passion for addiction treatment has led him to donate extensive personal funds, free medical services, and time to the development of addiction programs owned by Towns Health Services Inc., so that they may better serve the community.


Towns Health Services offers evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment services with a spiritual emphasis. They include the complete Hazelden Betty Ford program, the Adult Matrix program, and the Living in Balance program. They also employ interactive journaling from The Change Company and their unique program, Towns Health Services Chemical Dependency Basics, which concentrates on chemical dependency and how to conquer it. Treatment plans are tailored to meet each client's individual needs, and they are licensed and certified by the DHCS, Joint Commission Accredited, Member in good standing of the BBB, and National Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals.


At Towns Health Services and Palm Tree Ranch, they take pride in providing appropriate and individualized help for all clients, regardless of their situation. As a family-owned business, they are passionate about giving people a new start towards a better life. Their beautiful outpatient and residential facilities, including brand-new sober living homes, are available at an affordable cost. They can also assist clients in arranging transportation to their site. If you require help with addiction or need an evaluation or ongoing support, Dr. Towns and his team at Towns Health Services are available to provide their expertise and support to help you achieve lasting success in your recovery.







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Dr. Towns offers consulting services for other healthcare professionals.

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